Saturday, April 30, 2022

I'm very focused on ensuring that the changes in the way we compute, communicate, decision, and defend that are coming this decade, will be done in a way that contributes to the overall privacy, safety and security of the civilized world.  This decade is ushering in artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum compute and encryption, advanced communications, and entirely new ways to defend this new infrastructure.  Much of this change will come from innovative emerging companies that need to be part of the fabric of this new global infrastructure.  

To that end, I'm thrilled to announce that I have joined the Board of Directors of Secured Communications Inc, which has built the Mercury Workspace to give enterprises a secure choice for their online collaborations with remote employees, trusted partners, important clients, and evolving ecosystems.  Their platform is built upon the latest encryption standard of MLS, which defends against a current threat of 'steal now, decrypt later' that is being weaponized by adversaries around the globe and aimed at companies in all of the 17 critical infrastructure sectors as well as governments around the world.  

The Mercury platform provides everything an organization needs for online collaboration including voice, video, conferencing, messaging, and shared files, but with enterprise controlled end-to-end encryption and positive identification.  No more worries about your private and sensitive information being monitored and monetized by your collaboration providers, no more worries about someone stealing your data or 'zoom-bombing' your meeting, and no more worries that your most sensitive conversations are the least protected in your enterprise.  

I'm excited to roll up my sleeves as a board member to help advise this great group of security leaders in the best way to accelerate their platform to be the go-to service when privacy and security are important in an online collaboration.  


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