Wednesday, July 9, 2008

From East to West--- And LOVING IT.

I’ve just moved west-- from Virginia to the sands of Huntington Beach, and a beautiful commute to Santa Monica Blvd. I’ve come, not unlike our 49er forefathers searching for gold-- but this time it’s digital media gold.
Why come west you ask? Let me count the reasons.

First-- it’s pretty nice out here, with sun and sand and ocean breezes.Second-- People are relaxed and happy here (see number 1)Third-- The content people are, and always have been, here.Fourth-- The tech folks that want to play with the content people are moving here in droves (the nerd bird flies south too!).Fifth-- While several sectors are in the toilet (think housing, banking), the money matches the ideas out hereSixth—the m&a exits out here are phenomenal in size and speedSeventh-- I’m starting to lose my ‘ceo gut’, by walking or biking around the towns.

While there are more reasons (I’ve only been here a week so far), this answers the number one question i get asked these days-- Why did you leave Virginia?
Next up… I’ve hung out my shingle. What I’m working on so far!
Cheers! -Tom

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